Narduli Studio is an interdisciplinary practice that creates new environments through the integration of art, form, architecture, technology and media.

Narduli STUDIO has won awards for its aesthetics. But at its creative core is a belief in an IDEAS-driven approach, exploring new technological paradigms to reflect the diversity of context and experience that shape our modern perspective. Since its beginnings, Narduli Studio has served as a catalyst for thoughtful discourse on the relationship between the individual and the environment, and has been at the forefront of an expansive interpretation of how technology can inform and bridge our understanding of the physical and virtual worlds.
The design team is led by Los Angeles based architect and media artist Susan Narduli who guides the conceptual evolution of the work. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Masters of Architecture and is a licensed architect. Prior to starting her own firm, Narduli was Project Designer for Frank Gehry. 

My work has never been defined by media. I often use ephemeral phenomena that can be understood through movement and that change over time. 


My recent work draws from a shift in the parameters by which we define and understand our environment, and the implications this has on the intersection between private and public space.  Most of us spend a good portion of our day in the virtual world. This sensibility has seeped into our traditional notions of public space, and out of that has come a new construct that is experience and content-driven.  And to see oneself within that context, explores the duality whereby the most personal and the most public exist simultaneously.

The studio’s in-house creative team brings together professionals from the fields of visual and media arts, architecture, landscape and urban design. Narduli Studio partners with cultural institutions, corporations and leaders in technology globally,  has received awards for its integrated approach to the environment and has exhibited nationally and internationally.