Narduli STUDIO is an interdisciplinary practice working at

the intersection of art, architecture, media and technology.

Animation | Generative Media | Data Sculpture | Interactive Platforms | Live Content | Projection Mapping
Real Time Data | Motion Capture | Parametric Design | Interactive Data Environments l Narrative Video 

SUSAN NARDULI is a LA based artist and architect working

at the intersection of art, architecture, media and technology.

She leads an interdisciplinary art studio with a focus on design research and is director of experiential and interactive projects for Cheeky Films. Susan experiments with ways to manipulate the most current methods of technology to create one-of-a-kind experiential art.
The studio's most recent project ConvergenceLA is a media installation on the façade of the Metropolis Towers in downtown Los Angeles. The canvas for the artwork is an integrated LED display, nearly 100 feet wide by 18 feet high. Conceived and produced by Susan Narduli and Refik Anadol, the artwork itself is a generative construct, fueled by data and informed by aesthetics. It explores new ways of storytelling through an intelligent platform that both expresses and responds to the spirit of Los Angeles in a seamless fusion of digital content, public space and urban life.
ConvergenceLA receives realtime data from eight individual publicly available APIs and processes 4 million points of data per hour. This ever-changing cinematic narrative of Los Angeles harnesses demographic, astronomical, oceanographic, tectonic, traffic and climate data streams, social media posts and news feeds, and frames them within fragments of cultural and historical content of Downtown Los Angeles. An intelligent timeline uses the incoming data to inform the generative sequencing of the artwork. While a reflection of the ongoing rhythms of the city, the collected data also holds the historical chronology of Los Angeles for the life of the artwork.
Metro routes, tectonics, weather and ocean data, astronomy, demographics, social media and news posts all captured and displayed in realtime provides the framework for a new way of storytelling. These elements weave together live content with narrative video, aerial photography, data sculptures and generative art to create an ever-changing artwork.
ConvergenceLA can also be explored and experienced virtually with a mobile device or on a PC. This virtual environment allows visitors to navigate through the data and experience the artwork with an audio track composed from everyday sounds of Los Angeles and its data streams.
Image by StandardVision, LLC
The installation Night Stream was driven by realtime data gathered directly from the Night on Broadway Festival 2017 as it unfolded. Microphones installed along the pedestrian corridor picked up live sound from the event. This data was then re-conceptualized as realtime animations. In Night Stream, the 60,000 people attending the festival became both creator and audience.
Realtime Sound Data Mapping 
Night on Broadway Festival, Historic Broadway Theater District, Los Angeles, CA
CONVERSATION, a 2016 CODA Merit Award Winner is a media arts representation of democracy unfolding in real time just inside the doors of Palo Alto City Hall. It imagines an environment where individual thoughts are given form and the means to respond and evolve within a stream of live content from the Internet. Assigned behaviors allow the parts to morph and merge, creating an ongoing dance fueled by public participation and expression within a responsive virtual environment.
“We were intrigued with the idea that we could use public participation to form new, malleable shapes and patterns in real time and found that using fluid dynamics gave the artwork the levels of complexity and the variations in behaviors that we were seeking. The result is a coupling between realtime and non realtime elements.”
The custom interface scans and posts social media and global, national and local news feeds and allows users to respond with comments and upload photos through either the internet or an on-site touchscreen display. All of the elements are mapped to complex behaviors allowing for a continually evolving artwork, uncensored, alive, never the same.
The City of Palo Alto asked that this artwork in their City Hall represent and encourage an open, transparent and creative style of governance, aware of the risks. Conversation took that on and in fact the piece relies on it. It extends the idea that media arts can not only add beauty or interest to a public space, but can also be a medium for expression, community and meaning.
Object Permanence is a media installation in the lobby of the new Marriott Hotel in downtown Santa Monica. Sited along historic Route 66, it juxtaposes imagery and dynamic content to create a visual narrative of the mythical journey west to California. Shot on location and edited in the studio Object Permanence is a layering of nature, culture and abstraction infused with data driven animations linked to the Pacific Ocean tidal levels where Route 66, the Highway of Dreams, meets the coast just a few blocks from the hotel.
The La Raza Exhibit: part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time 2017: LA/LA opens to the public on September 16, 2017 at the Autry Museum.
La Raza will offer an interactive and intelligent means to navigate through the photographic collection published by La Raza in Los Angeles from 1967 to 1977. The multi-dimensional exploration of the 25,000 image database will place the viewer within the broader context of the Chicano Movement during this moment in history and bring an understanding of its relevance to personal expression, politics and culture.
Susan Narduli is a Los Angeles-based artist and architect working at the intersection of art, architecture, media and technology. Her work brings together the virtual and physical in one environment – positioning narrative, real-time data, generative art and interactive media within the formal and social context of public space and architecture. Narduli is at the forefront of exploration into how technology can bridge the physical and virtual worlds.
Both an artist and a licensed architect, Narduli’s portfolio includes immersive media installations, experience design, light and sound installations, architectural scale media facades, projection mapping, virtual environments and interactive installations. Her award winning creative design firm Narduli Studio has exhibited and published nationally and internationally including Sonsbeek International, Arnhem, Netherlands; Sexual Politics, Armand Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Hic et Nunc: Blasted Landscapes, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy; A New Spirit: Art & Architecture of Southern California, Kultur Ban Hoff, Kassel, Germany and Moderne Arkitektur I Los Angeles, Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Prior to forming Narduli Studio she was a Project Designer in the offices of Frank Gehry.

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"My work has never been defined by media. I often use ephemeral phenomena that can be understood through movement and that change over time.  My recent work draws from a shift in the parameters by which we define and understand our environment, and the implications this has on the intersection between private and public space.  Most of us spend a good portion of our day in the virtual world. This sensibility has seeped into our traditional notions of public space, and out of that has come a new construct that is experience and content-driven.  And to see oneself within that context, explores the duality whereby the most personal and the most public exist simultaneously."
Narduli STUDIO has won awards for its aesthetics. But at its creative core is a belief in an IDEAS-driven approach, exploring new technological paradigms to reflect the diversity of context and experience that shape our modern perspective.
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