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                      |  NoMa |


year: 2014

place: NoMa Underpass

Washington DC


NoMa is a neighborhood in transition: alive, in flux. This project captures moments in the daily life of the NoMa community, and gives it back as an environment that is creative, interactive and explorable.



Integrated lights within the pedestrian walkways welcome you and guide you through the underpass. Interactive color-changing washes of light signal the arrival and departure of trains passing overhead, making a connection to the transit lines that link all the communities. 


An everchanging light mural captures the daily goings-on at the site. Starting new each day, these snapshots become a dynamic representation of the community. 



Cameras along the underpass capture 3D snapshots of the day-to-day goings on. This digital mapping records the daily life of the underpass, and becomes both its timekeeper and its fingerprint.


Each day a new mural is created. As people walk through the underpass, new images are added, creating an ever-changing environment and a new experience of the underpass each time. 



Passersby see the layered snapshots as a time-lapse mural. Each virtual snapshot is held for a time, then evolves as it slowly fades. Over the course of the day, these layered memories create an overlapping continuum. A progressive color cycle registers them within the framework of time. 

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