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Object Permanence


year: 2017

place: Marriott Hotel Santa Monica


OBJECT PERMANENCE is a visual narrative of the legendary westward journey along Route 66 to the California Coast.

The artwork is sited in the lobby of the new Marriott Hotel along Route 66 in downtown Santa Monica.


It juxtaposes video shot along the historic route with data-driven animations tied to the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean where Route 66, the Highway of Dreams, meets the coast at the Santa Monica Pier just blocks away.

Video footage shot on location and edited in the studio.

Realtime oceanographic data informs the rhythms and colors of the piece as its custom platform creates an ever-changing fusion of nature, culture and abstraction. Data driven animations are tied to the tide levels, wave height, currents, temperature and turbulence of the Pacific Ocean  just a few blocks from the hotel. 

Drone shoot along Route 66

 Route 66 meets Pacific Ocean

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