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Never Before Seen Photos from Chicano Movement

"This exhibit explores how bilingual newspaper La Raza provided a voice to the Chicano Rights Movement, positioning photography not only as an artistic medium but also as a powerful tool of social activism."

Pacific Standard Time

Narduli Studio designed and produced a unique Interactive Experience that lets the public Dive Deep and explore the archive of over 25,000 Images for the first time.

We used the latest technologies in computer Neural Networks and

pattern recognition to create the La Raza digital archive:

The LA RAZA Experience is created with the following :

- Neural Network Algorithms for index analysis -

- Intuitive Interactive Touchscreen Navigation-

- Machine Learning -

- Multi Touch And Gesture Control -

- Unique Interface and Design -

The explorable neural network allows for a multi-leveled experience through the 25,000 images. The 3D navigation environment has multiple senses of order that can display the archive metadata connections as well as new connections made through user interaction.

The studio has been experimenting with TOUCH as a conduit to creativity.

When people play with our touchscreen experiences.

They don't want to stop playing.

Narduli Studio is a group of professionals with a

passion for creating unforgettable experiences.

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