| Sonsbeek |



place: Park Sonsbeek

Arnhem The Netherlands



This site-specific installation was produced in collaboration with artist Liz Larner for the 10th installment of the annual international sculpture show in Arnhem, Netherlands. In a native forest on the outskirts of Arnhem, the artists wrapped the trunks of native trees in metal mesh.



Laced around the trees at varying degrees of tightness and at varying heights, the resulting artwork is an interplay between translucence and opacity, the man-made and the natural. The transient quality of the light that filters through the canopy of the trees is heightened by the metal mesh, which acts as a lens or screen. The physical presence of the installation is subordinate the effect it generates – one can walk through the forest and never see the installation itself.



What will be perceived is a subtle quality of light just slightly out of place, the effect of which is both entrancing and unnerving.

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