year: 2009 

place: Henry Madden Library

California State University at Fresno


2010 Public Art Year in Review

Americans for the Arts Best Public Art of 2009

Narduli Studio designed the library's Native Garden (foreground top image), Grand Stair and Browsing Room mural. But the heart of the work is the three-story, 43-foot high media screen that depicts the slow labor of basketmaking at the hands of a master weaver. Weaving juxtaposes the memory of the site’s history with its current use as a busy university campus. 



The 3-story digital video triptych wraps the library’s elevator core. The 5600 hour video runs continuously, night and day, from the start of fall term through graduation.



The weaver’s movements have been intentionally slowed and at times are barely noticeable. The steady workings of the hands become a constant within the building, like breathing.



This is a piece to be understood over time. The casual passerby may see only the monumental image. But for those who use the library every day, the video becomes a timekeeper for the campus, as the basket progresses from one day to the next.