Narduli STUDIO is an interdisciplinary practice working at the intersection of art, architecture, technology and public space


Narduli STUDIO wins two international awards

The  LA RAZA Digital Experience  for Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA  receives 2020 International CODAaward for Institutonal projects. 

Reflectance Field 

Chance music sound sculpture at University of Oregon receives 2020 International CODAaward Merit Award for Public Spaces.  



Our design for the GENESIS virtual campus previewed with the final event of the Hirshhorn Museum's series about the role of women in the Go-Go music scene

This event brings the Hirshhorn's ARTLAB teen summer intern-created spaces

to the public and features music and videos from past events in the series.

Hosted at GENESIS Innovation Campus 

August 29 & 30, 2020

opens at University of Oregon

Chance-based collaborative sound sculpture in pentatonic scale spans the 4 story monumental stairwell at  U of O's Tykeson Hall

Ferdi Alici

Cindy Allen

Refik Anadol

Carolina Aragon

Veronique Baar


Olma Davis

Philippe Demers

Konstantin Dimopoulos

Marc Fornes

Gill Gatfield

Gillie + Marc

Peter Hite

Vince Kadlubek

Stacy Levy

Kris Lin

Lauren Lockhart​

Susan Narduli

Jamie Perrow

Guto Requena

Andy Scott

Candas Sisman Deniz Kader

Mirek Struzik

David Wagner


Increasingly, we see artists and their collaborators tackling difficult issues of a social, political or environmental nature.


We call these activist individuals Creative Revolutionaries

They are taking a stand through their artwork and the spaces they transform.


They are beseeching us to pay attention. 

Toni Sikes


The  LA RAZA Digital Experience  receives 2019  Creative Communication Gold Award 

01_La Raza.jpg

The C2A is an international awards program promoting creativity, excellence and outstanding ideas in communication design, advertising and digital media. The C2A is created by the Farmani Group as the sister-initiative of the IDA International Design Awards.

Why We Do This:

The Power of Art + Technology

CHRISTIANE PAUL, Adjunct Curator of Digital Art, Whitney Museum

SUSAN NARDULI, Artist and Architect, Narduli Studio 


EMILY WHITE, Artist and Assistant Professor of Architecture 

ZOLTY, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, BREAKFAST

Singularity was commissioned by Community Memorial Health System for the Permanent Art Collection  



Narduli STUDIO wins international competition for public artwork at the new 


Painting with Light: color studies

Suspended in the two public atriums, the Oklahoma Sky is re-conceptualized through technology. Anodized titanium, programmable LED points and realtime data create a 3D environment. An augmented reality app offers a detailed look behind this force of nature.


Study for site-specific artwork using kinetic energy to generate 36' high ever-changing 3D mural. 


Narduli STUDIO selected to create a site-specific artwork for the 


Off the Grid Experimental Collaboration: 

Barak Ballet l Narduli STUDIO l Optexture l David Lawrence


Sustainable Architecture & Social Equity 

Susan Narduli along with Angela Brooks, Chris Guerra, Deborah Aschheim, Stephanie Reich and Rebecca Abano.

Americans for the Arts is the leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education in America. The Americans for the Arts Year in Review program is the only national program that specifically recognizes the most compelling public art. The winning projects were unveiled on June 15 at the 2018 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Denver.

Convergence LA   selected for the 2018 Americans for the Arts Year in Review

Community Memorial Hospital Permanent Art Collection - Ocean Tower, Ventura

SINGULARITY: Reflections of Art and Healing

IMMERSION selected for exhibition in


Narduli Studio 2018

MedienHafen, Düsseldorf, Germany

a partnership between HafenKunstKino and the Cultural Office Düsseldorf

Narduli Studio wins three national competitions:

Narduli STUDIO has been selected to create a site-specific artwork for the new PEDESTRIAN AND LIGHT RAIL BRIDGE at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Located in Uptown Charlotte's CENTER CITY, the interactive artwork will span College Street to connect the Stonewall Station light rail stop to the Charlotte Convention Center.  Project to be completed in 2020. 

Narduli STUDIO wins commission to create integrated artworks for

the City of Santa Monica's state of the art CITY SERVICES BUILDING.

The facility has been designed to operate like a living organism and will be the largest and first municipal project to meet the International Living Future Institute Living Building Challenge. Project to be completed in 2020.

The facility will be a 50,000 SF state-of-the-art building for collaboration across academic fields in research, teaching, administration and service. Project to be completed in 2019.

Narduli STUDIO chosen for integrated artworks for TYKESON HALL COLLEGE AND CAREERS BUILDING at the University of Oregon.

 Outstanding Arts Achievement Award 

pacificBecominglrealtime receives the 2018 

 from Allied Arts Board

Portal:  Interactive Streetscape

Opens at Night on Broadway Festival 2018

Historic Broadway Theater District
Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 80,000


June 2018

LA RAZA Digital Experience:

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA La Raza Exhibit 

Narduli STUDIO digital interactive for the  Pacific Standard Time : LA/LA  La Raza Exhibit 

travels to UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. This exhibit explores how bilingual newspaper La Raza provided a voice to the Chicano Rights Movement, positioning photography not only as an artistic medium but also as a powerful tool of social activism. 

Wunderkammer: Narduli Studio's new installation for the City of  Inglewood 

 pacificBecoming l realtime  

has been featured in CODA Magazine  Technology + Art IV

Narduli STUDIO and HLB win commission for Light Sculpture Gateway and Courtyard Design at the PALM BEACH COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER

The 300,000 annual guests that visit the CONVENTION CENTER will experience the winning design which uses the dynamic power of light as a form of expression through a process of data analysis and visualization.


New Media Installation for Palo Alto City Hall receives 2017 Americans for the Arts Award. 

The PAN Year in Review program is the only national program that specifically recognizes the most compelling public art throughout the United States. The  winning projects were unveiled at the 2017 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in San Francisco.

ConvergenceLA unveiled at Metropolis Towers

Image by StandardVision, LLC

Susan Narduli and Refik Anadol



ConvergenceLA is a media installation on the façade of the Metropolis Towers in downtown Los Angeles. The canvas for the artwork is an integrated LED display, nearly 100 feet wide. The artwork itself is a generative construct, fueled by data and informed by aesthetics. It explores new ways of storytelling through an intelligent platform that expresses and responds to the spirit of Los Angeles in a seamless fusion of digital content, public space and urban life.


Narduli Studio New Media Installation for Marriott Hotel Santa Monica

Night Stream: Realtime Sound Data Mapping

Night on Broadway Festival 2017


Night Stream is driven by realtime data gathered directly from the festival as it unfolds. Microphones installed along Broadway pick up live sound from the festival. This data is then reconceptualized as realtime animations. In Night Stream, the 60,000 people attending Night on Broadway become both creator and audience. 


NarduliSTUDIO and Optexture 

Historic Broadway Theater District
Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 60,000

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1307 Westwood Blvd. Suite 201  Los Angeles CA 90024 

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