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SUSAN NARDULI is an award winning media artist and director working at the leading 



Narduli’s creations bring together the virtual and physical – positioning narrative, real-time data, generative art and interactive media within the context of public space. She is a story-teller with a focus in creating environments that engage the viewer and bring them into an experience physically, emotionally and intellectually.


Her award-winning Narduli Studio is devoted to the development of groundbreaking user experiences that use all the potential new technologies offer. Internationally renowned, the studio’s global team of professionals has the experience and expertise to bring state-of-the-art engineering, production, promotion and documentation to all of its projects. 


The studio has received awards for its integrated approach to art, technology and the environment and has exhibited both nationally and internationally including Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA (USA); Sonsbeek International (Netherlands); Sexual Politics, Armand Hammer Museum of Art (USA); Hic et Nunc: Blasted Landscapes (Italy);  A New Spirit: Art & Architecture of Southern California, Kultur Ban Hoff, (Germany) and Moderne Arkitektur I Los Angeles, Danish Architecture Center, (Denmark).

Narduli holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in Architecture. Prior to starting her own firm, Narduli was Project Designer for Frank Gehry.

Americans for the Arts | 2018 Year in Review: Convergence LA | Metropolis Towers Los Angeles

Exceptional Public Art Award: pacificBecoming | Allied Arts Board | 2018

Americans for the Arts | 2017 Year in Review: CONVERSATION | Palo Alto City Hall

2016 CODA Merit Award | CONVERSATION | Palo Alto City Hall

CODA Video Awards 2016 Top 100  | CONVERSATION | Palo Alto City Hall

CODA Video Awards 2015 Top 100  | TimeKeeper | Pasadena CA 

CODA Awards Top 100 Art Projects 2015 | Passage of Remembrance | San Francisco Civic Center

Americans for the Arts | 2011 Year in Review: Land &Time | Utah Museum of Natural History

Americans for the Arts | 2009 Year in Review: Weaving | Cal State University Fresno

1st Place International Design Studio 1452 

AIA Award of Excellence | Columbarium & Garden | All Faiths Chapel  | Chapman University

AIA Award in Urban Design & Planning | Metlox Public Plazas 

AIA Next Los Angeles Award | 333 Venice Way | Multi-Flex 

AIA Honor Award | Cal Arts | California Institute of the Arts 

Deans Award  | UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Planning 

Selected Awards

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