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Realtime Interactive Media Wall

Palo Alto City Hall


2017 Public Art Year in Review

Best Public Art of 2016


2016 CODA Awards 

Merit Award Winner 


LCD Video Wall, Touchscreen Display, Camera, Online Environment
Realtime Data / social media / mobile devices

rss news feeds : local/ global
photo uploads/ solicit response globally

CONVERSATION is an interactive media arts representation of democracy unfolding in realtime just inside the doors of Palo Alto City Hall. It depends on public participation. Without that, it doesn’t exist.

Local, National and Global feeds provide the catalyst for an ongoing community discussion. From a touchscreen display within the lobby, one can post comments and upload images while at City Hall. An app for mobile devices allows participation from anywhere. 

CONVERSATION imagines an environment where individual thoughts are given form and the means to respond and evolve within a stream of live content from the internet. Assigned behaviors allow the parts to morph and merge, creating an ongoing dance fueled by public participation and expression within a responsive virtual environment. It is always in flux, as news and posts appear and change throughout the day. Each is held for a time then slowly recedes as another takes its place.




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